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Thanks For Visiting!

 I trust you will find everything you need to know about me in order to see if I am a fit for your company. Please take a moment and peruse through my pages for a broader and more extensive display of who I am and what I can bring as an experienced and celebrated radiological technologist.

I have been working in the field with extensive experience at level 1-trauma centers, I am familiar with high volume work and am very adaptable with learning operations and policies quickly. I am very flexible to work any shift that might become available.

 I am a hard worker that often goes above and beyond what is required. My enthusiasm for the profession often challenges me, and the others around me, to become better. My educational background has provided me with a solid understanding of radiologic technology and medical imaging. My inclination to help people, as indicated by my care and concern, offers me the possibility to alleviate some of the fear that may accompany a patient’s visit to the department. In addition, a keen sense of detail and my intent to offer as much safety as possible is a recipe for a technologist that any hospital could benefit from.

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